EXPLODE YOUR STORES SALES IN 4-DAYS WITH ladd agencies proprietary FACEBOOK ADS system for consistent growth.

You know your customers are on Facebook and Instagram, but are you? you’re missing out on such an underpriced opportunity right now to get traffic, leads and sales on a consistent basis, with 190 million people on Facebook in the United States alone you only need 10,000 customers with an average order value of $100 to make a million dollars from Facebook.


Facebook ads work flawlessly for e-commerce stores with consistent and reliable returns you’ll find yourself getting returns on your ad spend every single day, week and month, but this can only be achievable with the correct strategy in place, a great strategy consistent of great campaign architecture, market research on your products you’re advertising or planning on advertising and hard hitting direct response sales copy for the product you’re going to push.

the only job of your facebook ad is to sell the click allow us to write direct repsonse ads for you.

We’re in the practice of direct response: long form copy that sells the living daylights out of your products, we first sell the link-click by using long headlines and long body copy, in addition with an image or video creative that stops any potential customer from scrolling and forces them to pay you their attention to read and hang onto every single word of copy we write, we then ask the potential customer to click the link where our battle tested and proven to convert product page does all the work and sells the product automatically without any humans, direct response built American express, the Wall Street Journal and all great brands you love.

Automatic tracking algorithms to guide your profits to new heights.

Getting sales with Facebook marketing is easy, but it’s scaling that most savvy entrepreneurs struggling with, we’ve built our very own proprietary algorithm that turns off losing ads and maximises winning ads to maximum budgets so we’re always operating at a 30X return on ad spend, ever since we released this new technology we’ve been taking brand new businesses to new heights and crushing the competition even in the most saturated markets.

Hundreds of detailed targeting options so you can get laser focused on your best customers.

It doesn’t matter what niche your store is in, we’ve seen clients come in from all different niches and we’ve been able to help them test hundreds of audience interests with the most congruent products on there store to find the best audience interests that yield excellent returns on investment consistently so you don’t have to worry about getting peaks and troughs of sales.

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We’ve been buying Facebook ads ever since Facebook introduced paid advertising to their product, and if there is one thing we’ve learnt over the years it’s how to drive sales and how to drive sales fast at rapid scale, to the point where you’re spending $40,000+ a day on ads and consistently doubling, tripling, and even 5x your money on a predictable basis.

What separates our method from anyone else’s and why we’re so successful is because we’re able to use our “secret strategy” you see we don’t just dive into an ads manager get some creative, write some short copy and drive traffic and hope for the best within 4-days.

Unlike every other agency, we understand every single business is different, your business is unique and with that comes research, before any ads are written, people are interviewed, products are vigorously tested. Why may you ask? To put it simply, when we’re crafting campaigns we’re only looking for ‘Big Ideas’ think ‘The Dollar Shave Club’ they shook up an old industry by simply thinking differently. It’s not crazy, it’s simple but it’s different. You need this for your business if you want to play in the big league.

Here’s a high level overview of our process and the phases we go through to guarantee our clients future success within months.

The Ultimate 7 Step Guide To Start Your E-commerce Business

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We have helped thousands of people start e-commerce companies with these 7 little known strategies outlined in this free report. Download it now before this page comes down or your competitors get their hands on it.


Free Report

We have helped thousands of people start e-commerce company's with these 7 little known strategies outlined in this free report. Download it now before this page comes down or your competitors get their hands on it.


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